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UK Tax & NI Calculator 2020 - 2021

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2021 - 2021 Tax and NI calculator UK

Personal Allowance 2020 - 2021

What is Personal Allowance? Personal Allowance is the portion of your earning where tax is not applied, making that portion of your earning tax free.

Earning Personal Allowance (per year)
If you are earning up to 100,000 12,500
If you are earning between 100,000 and 125,000 Decreases from 12,500 by 50% of every pound you earn (above 100,000) until it reaches 0
If you are earning 125,000 or more 0
Blind person receive an additional amount of 2500 on top of the personal allowance

Tax Rates 2020 - 2021

These rates apply to different portions of your earning

Your earning [per year after taking away your Personal Allowance amount from your earning] Tax Rate 2020 - 2021 That is
Under your Personal Allowance amount No tax taken 0
0 - 37,500 20% Basic rate
37,501 - 150,000 40% Higher rate
over 150,000 45% Additional rate

National Insurance Rates 2020 - 2021

National Insurance Contribution is payable by everyone, until they have reached the state retirement age. National Insurance pays for their state pension and other state benefits.

Below are Class 1 National Insurance rates which is applied to anyone who's employed.

These rates apply to different portions of your earning

Your Earning [Per year] National Insurance Rate That is
Earnings below 9500 0% No National Insurance contribution is payable
Earnings between 9500 and 50,000 12% Salary minus 9500 = X, 12% of X
Earnings above 50,000 2% 50,000 minus 9500 = 40,500, 12% of 40,500 plus salary minus 50,000 = X, 2% of X

How is tax calculated?

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